For many families, a major asset may be a business, perhaps one that has thrived for several generations. Equally important to the income generated by the business is its reputation in the community or perhaps the world. When the time comes to transfer control of a family-owned business, it is important to do so responsibly and equitably, to minimize conflicting goals or strategies of the successors. Unfortunately, many people are not comfortable discussing topics related to business succession because such discussions invariably involve issues related to aging, death, or internal family conflicts.

RubinGoldman and Associates works with families to figure out the most desirable strategy to transfer ownership of a family-owned business.


Financial Planning has come to mean many different things to different people. RubinGoldman and Associates believes that Financial Planning is a process of guiding clients through the following steps:

  • Understanding your financial goals
  • Analysis about your current position relative to those goals
  • Building a roadmap to help you achieve your goals
  • Implementing a relevant course of action

While many tools are available to help you meet your financial goals, not all professionals are properly positioned to consider them in regard to the bigger picture of how you choose to structure your financial life. The Financial Planning team strives to educate clients to help them make more informed financial decisions and to help ensure the stability of their financial future. One way we accomplish this is through a process called Asset-Map®.


The estate and wealth transfer planning process is one that requires a sincere conversation about your family’s most important values. Discussions are not limited to financial needs, such as liquidity and the effect of taxation; they often involve dialogue regarding multi-generational wealth management and the desire to leave a social legacy. Also instrumental in this process is protecting hard-earned assets from inordinate taxes, potential liabilities, and ever-changing family circumstances.

RubinGoldman and Associates takes a family values approach to helping clients structure the most appropriate course of action to meet their goals. We also take pride in continuing to provide support through ongoing analysis as needs change and evolve.


Portfolio management is a sophisticated process. However, it may be simplified into two core concepts:

  • How assets are allocated among different asset classes
  • How individual securities are selected

Which asset classes are employed and at what weights is primary to how much risk a client takes on and what returns they experience. Through our interaction with each client, we look to understand the unique factors that are important to them and their family. With these things in mind, we construct a portfolio allocation for each client using an institutional-style allocation intended to manage both risk and risk-adjusted returns.

Security selection dictates how clients do relative to what the markets offer us. For relatively efficient asset classes, inexpensive index funds are employed to capture market returns. For other asset classes, highly specialized investment managers are employed; these managers look to exploit inefficiencies to maximize the return afforded through the asset class. Our open-architecture investment platform provides us with access to thousands of investment managers from all over the globe, including large institutions such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, and JP Morgan, as well as “Main Street” managers such as Vanguard and Fidelity, along with dozens of investment boutiques. “Managing” the active managers employed is critical to a successful active management program. We apply our own screening/interview process in order to identify “best of breed” managers and perform ongoing due diligence and monitoring.


A complex financial system has placed increased responsibility on families to ensure their own financial well-being. Unfortunately, modern families are constantly faced with a multitude of demands on their time competing for attention. As a result of these two challenges, it has become increasingly difficult for families to make clear and informed decisions toward improving their financial condition.

In an attempt to organize our clients’ financial picture, Adam Holt developed a specialized process called Asset-Map®, which helps visualize the entirety of their financial resources, assets, policies, and goals at a glance. The easy to comprehend reports provide very simple, but powerful overviews that allow our team to inform clients whether they are on track to meeting their most important goals. Through this we are able to provide clients with what they really want, an understanding of the bottom line and how to take action.

In conjunction with this technology, RubinGoldman has been able to help clients model how certain future scenarios might evolve over time, providing a road map toward meeting their most important financial objectives. By focusing on communicating in a clear and concise manner, clients are empowered to take action with a renewed sense of control over their financial condition.

“The Asset-Map process allows us to get on the same page with our clients and financial professionals, revealing to all parties where we need to spend our collective efforts and energies,” More than ever, our clients are seeking intelligent simplification and the bottom line.”

-H. Adam Holt